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The Master and Ph.D. program of Biotechnology Industry has combined all teaching resources from the university, including the faculty from various Departments and Institutes combining multi-disciplining backgrounds. Furthermore, it cooperates many biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to provide students with internship experience, so that graduates who take this course can directly enter the biotechnology industry. Nevertheless, the program also connects to the MBA courses conducted by the College of Administration to allow students to obtain a double Master degree. Faculty in the fields of medicine, engineering, and management can be selected as students’ thesis mentors. Combined with the thesis research, students can participate of teachers’ jointed program with the industry of biotechnology, medical engineering and industrial management, to have both theoretical and practical experience.

In addition to focusing on the planning of theoretical and practical curriculum, the selection of fields inside and outside the school, the program emphasizes internship effects, to improve interaction skill between students and industry and to cultivate interpersonal relationships in the workplace. so that students in addition to relevant professional theoretical and practical skills. Students are educated to improve their ability of industrial planning, operation and innovation, and takes the biotechnology industry as the future ambition. To achieve the purpose of applying what students have learned to industry, program is well designed to integrate the school and the industry seamlessly, so the graduates of the program are quite welcomed by the industry.

Based on the demand for talents in the biotechnology industry, the program focuses not only the theoretical courses for academic research, but also the practical courses for cultivating professional abilities and experience. Students are guided to choose courses suitable for their career development as the goal to enhance employment competitiveness. The cooperation between school and industry is to propose the research and development plans, to design courses and jointly to guide the direction of student papers. The school acquires industry experience and research resources, while the industry acquires suitable talents, promoting universities to become the core of industry research and development, and jointly fostering diverse research manpower.

In order to enhancing the practical work experience, the students in this program have practical experience in corporate R&D, operation, and manufacturer’s MLM business, therefore, students in Master program are required to go to a partner company for a two-month summer corporate internship; students in the doctoral program are required for for two-year Industry research and development practices. This program also designs visiting activities to various biotechnology companies, providing a series of lectures on the biotechnology industry. Students have an opportunity to be teachers’ assistant in participating in lectures and graduation thesis achievement competitions. This allows students to have a variety of learning, understand the implementation and operation of various departments in the biotechnology industry, and stimulate their learning motivation and potential, and through the practical experience sharing of industry experts and managers, promote exchanges between teachers and students in the course of study and industry.

At present, the Master and Ph.D. program have signed a memorandum of cooperation with 17 biotechnology and medicine related companies. They are GENERAL BIOLOGICALS CORP., BIOTOOLS CO., LTD., FORMOSA BIOMEDICAL TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION,  KIM FOREST ENTERPRISE CO., LTD., UNITED BIOMEDICAL INC., UBI Pharma Inc., UNITED BIOPHARMA, INC., Blusense Biotech Co. Ltd, Mycenax Biotech Inc., Global Bio & Investment Monthly, U-NEURON BIOMEDICAL INC., ACT GENOMICS CO., LTD., OBI Pharma, Inc., ROCHE PRODUCTS LTD., PharmaEssentia Corp., tst biomedical electronics Co., Ltd. and Dataa. Many other companies are still negotiating, in order to provide students to have more chances to link with variety of internship.